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How to Turn Your Blog Into a Book – Plus GoDaddy Promo Codes For you!

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Now that you have a successful blog: now what? How do you turn your thousands (or tens of thousands) of loyal readers into paying customers? One way to monetize your existing audience (as well as grow a new audience) is by turning your existing blog into a book.  

Thanks to technological advances in book publishing, it is now easier than ever to go from being a blogger to a published author.


There is a myriad of companies creating cool tools that help bloggers take their online digital content and convert it into multiple book formats. Whether you want to create an e-book to offer as a digital download to paying subscribers or you want to create a hardcover book to show off to your friends and family, you can now do so thanks to blog-to-book platforms. Check out this roundup of publishing tools for bloggers; you might be surprised just how easy it is to convert your blog into a book.




Blurb lets you convert your blog into a book via their Bookwright interface. Whether you blog on Squarespace, WordPress, or Blogger, you can easily convert your blog into a book to share with your offline audience. Customize the layout of your book, choose which blog posts and images you want to import into Bookwright, and use the easy-to-follow prompts to begin the conversion process. You can print your book via Blurb and sell your printed blog book on Amazon or Blurb. Doesn’t get much easier than that, right?





BlogBooker lets you create a book from your blog content and sell your finished creation on multiple platforms including Nook, BookBaby, Lulu, and Amazon’s CreateSpace. Customize your font, text layout, and choose which blog posts/images you want included in your book. BlogBooker also lets you transform your tweets or Medium posts into a book. You can even include blog comments in your soon-to-be-published book. BlogBooker lets you download your completed file to print from your own computer or you can have BlogBooker print your book for you.





Blog2Print makes it easy to convert your blog into a hardcover or softcover book. Choose which blog posts you want included, customize your cover, add photographs, and even add additional content like PDF files. Blog2Print works with major blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, and Typepad.





If you need assistance turning your blog into a book, check out Reedsy. Their platform makes it easy for bloggers to connect with publishing assistants. Find an editor to assist you with streamlining your content. Connect with a designer to create an e-book cover for your tome. You can even find publicists on Reedsy to help spread the word about your new novel. If you want your magnum opus to be more than just a coffee table book that gathers dust, Reedsy needs to be on your author’s resource list.





Booktype is another excellent option for bloggers looking for a collaborative approach to book publishing. Booktype lets you import content from Word or ePub and lets you collaborate with multiple members of your publishing team. Review edits on each chapter of your book, update others on the status of your writing, and manage the editorial workflow of your book creation project.



Whether you want to turn your foodie blog into a recipe-filled book or create a book for parents from your parenting blog, you can do so thanks to helpful book publishing tools. Review each of these tools for yourself to see which one can help you go from blogger to published author. Will this be the year you start telling friends and family you are now a novelist?