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The Beauty Place Promo Codes Discount Codes Updated For : All About TheBeautyPlace: The Beauty Place is an American based online beauty and cosmetics retail shop. The company was started in 2011 and has its headquarters at 6303 Blue Lagoon drive, Miami. Its not clear who its founders are but online sources link it to Ms. Valerie Loaiza, who is its president. How it works The Beauty Place bases its operations majorly within America and Canada. Like any other online retailer, it requires you to create an account on its website. The signing up process is pretty easy. All you have to provide is a valid email address, legal name, a default or shipping address and a functional payment address. One of the most attractive things about this online retailer is its user friendly interface. Once you are logged into the website, its pretty easy to find your way around it. It has separate… Continue reading promo codes Coupon Codes Discount Codes Updated For : Note: is owned by Walgreens, and the website ‘’ now redirects to Walgreen’s beauty section. About is one of the leading online stores when it comes to buying beauty products. The online store provides you with a personalized experience. It offers more than 200 different brands that you can shop for. Anything that has to do with beauty, they’ve got it for you. There’s no need for you to look any further or order from various websites because this is it. You can get all that you need from just This is the one stop shop that you have been looking for all your beauty related products. To be able to use in its entirety, you need to register on the site. This will make it easier for you to purchase on the site and to also be able… Continue reading