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Gift Idea: Buy Web Hosting For Your Loved One!

Here’s an unconventional, weird, and frankly genius gift idea for your loved one: web hosting!

Why Web Hosting Can Be the Greatest Gift:

If you have a writer, entrepreneur or a small-business minded person living in your house, you know how difficult it can be searching for the perfect gift. What to get a person that spends all of their time working, daydreaming or trying to create something in their life?

Web Hosting Coupons For Their next Project:

godaddy coupons

One idea we had: get them a gift card for a web hosting company. I know, I know: it’s impersonal. But what this says is: 1) I support you in your endeavours, and 2) here’s something I know you’ll use.

You can buy a godaddy web hosting coupon code for 2018 here. You can also visit a godaddy renewal coupon code page to help them save money on renewing their existing project(s).

While this is definitely an unconventional gift idea, we think it’s a great way to give a very specialized and specific gift to people who are normally quite difficult to shop for. It shows that you care, and it’s a gift that will definitely get used.

After they get their website up and running, though marketing is the next big challenge. Part 2 of this article is devoted to helping them build websites that can convert better with higher quality sales copy. Maybe pass it along to them after you give them the gift cards?

Part 2: Marketing Insights: 10 Top Tips to Improve Your Sales Copy


Your sales copy is crucial. It introduces and promotes your product or service. The following top tips will help to ensure that your sales messages win customers.


1. Grab the Readers’ Attention

Your sales message must grab the readers’ attention immediately. There’s no time to waste. You need a headline that tells readers how your product or service benefits them. For example: “Save Your Money and Time with This New Online Shopping App.”


2. Maintain the Reader’s Interest

Once you have the readers’ attention, you must keep it. In other words, your sales copy must develop and hold the readers’ interest. One of the best ways to achieve this is to outline a common problem that readers face in their lives and show how your product or service is the solution. In other words, you explain in your sales copy how your product or service will improve the readers’ lives.


3. Build Desire

Once you’ve created sufficient interest among your readers, you must build their desire to buy your product or service. You can do this by presenting an attractive offer with a discount, a guarantee, and easy methods of payment. The guarantee, in particular, should be a no-nonsense commitment that you will replace the product or return the buyer’s money in the unlikely event of a problem.


4. Action

The next step is to urge the readers to take action and purchase your product or service. Keep this call to action simple and bolster it with a good offer. For example, “Buy within the next 24 hours and save a further 20%.”


5. Engage Your Readers

In your sales copy, you can help to hold the readers’ interest by referring to them frequently as “you.” For example, “This product will save you money and give you more time to spend on the things you really enjoy doing.”


6. Use the Active and not the Passive Voice

Ensure that you use the active rather than the passive voice in your sales copy. The reason is that the active voice always creates a more dynamic impression. For example, don’t write, “Your life will be improved by this product,” which is an example of the passive voice; instead, write, “This product will improve your life.”


7. Be Concise and Avoid Jargon

Use short sentences and paragraphs. And avoid jargon. If you have to use a technical term, only do so if you are confident that your readers will understand it. If not, replace the term or explain it.


8. Use a Clear Font

Never be tempted to experiment with the different fonts that are available in word processing software. Use a simple, clear font for your sales copy such as Times New Roman or Arial. And use a font size that is easy on the eye, such as 12.


9. Don’t Overemphasize

Be sparing in your use of italics, underlining, and exclamation marks. The occasional use of these in your sales copy can be effective. But the important word here is “occasional.”


10. Don’t Rush

Once you’ve written your sales copy, put it to one side for a while. For example, do something else for an hour or two and then return to it and read it through. Check for spelling and grammatical errors. And check your copy against the tips in this article. Then ask a friend or family member to read it and give feedback. When you’ve completed these checks, you’re ready to send your sales copy to your potential customers.